How Much Would Switching from Starbuck's to Instant Coffee Save You Each Year?

We've become a generation of coffee snobs. And not even for great coffee, at that. With Starbuck's raking in $10B of our hard-earned cash every year, while serving sub-par coffee, it's hard to remember the days when we actually used to drink instant coffee at home. Here are the hard numbers. Assuming you only order a tall 12-oz drip coffee on each trip to Starbuck's (highly unlikely given the allure of a grande frappuccino and a delicious chocolate criossant), your daily spend at Starbuck's would be around $1.50. Compare that to the store-bought Starbuck's brand coffee, which costs around $36 for 180 cups. In an average week, this means you'd save $1.30 per day, or $6.50 per week or a cool $338 per year. Now, assuming you order a premium drink, such as a grande mocha, we're talking $15.50 saved per week and $806 per year. That's a lot of tanks of gas or even a plane ticket for a nice getaway.

Lots of good instant options

Even the most dedicated coffee drinker can find appreciation for the great and many instant coffee fuses and uses. First of all before you throw away a morning spent pot of weak coffee or if you brew a weak cup of joe, try adding a spoonful of instant coffee to savor the flavor and reinvigorate your spirit.  You wont have to waste time and money by brewing a second pot every afternoon.

DIY Frappuccino?

Maybe you like iced coffee instead.  Buying an iced java at the cafe costs nearly five dollars after you add in the tip and the chocolate scone you were eyeing in the window.  If you’re in the mood for something cold and frothy, simply add some milk, sugar, flavoring, and ice, to a portion of instant coffee.  Mix in a blender and you have an instant fusion of chilly goodness.  You can even add ice cream for a dessert after dinner.

Create delicious deserts using instant coffee

Ever tried adding a bit of instant coffee to an unadorned beef stew or pot of roast gravy.  Sounds scary, but don’t be afraid, it doesn’t taste like coffee.  You’ll just encounter a faint hint of smokiness in its flavor.  You can also try replacing instant coffee in any mocha‐flavored recipe.  It is certainly less expensive than instant espresso and takes less time than using brewed and chilled coffee.  Add a spoonful to a box of brownies mix and whip up a batch of yummy mocha brownies.  It is as simple as instant coffee.  So rather than turning your nose to the undemanding sensation of instant coffee, take a look at the wide variety of recipes out there.  Desperate mornings and coffee shop splurges don’t have to take a tax on you credit account.  It’s frugal flavor and rich aroma can keep you from squandering your money for your daily fix.

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Posted on Dec 18, 2008