Why Waste Money on Snapple and Starbuck's? Some Easy DIY Drink Ideas.

There’s nothing better than a cold drink to settle the body and refresh the mind, but think about the cost that adds up every time the craving for a soft drink or fruit juice comes up. The dollars add up for every Coke can and Snapple bottle. Why spend so much money and build up more waste when you can mix your own custom made mixes or brews in your own home.

With just a blender, a few ingredients, you can come up with some pretty creative beverages, and while it might take a little more commitment compared to opening a carton of pre?mixed juice, it could save you more than you might imagine. Besides, those pre?made cartons are usually from concentrate or just have added flavoring. Believe me…it is definitely worth less than what you are paying for, unless you take into account the less than adequate portion of profit made by the worker pouring a frozen can of juice concentrate into a pitcher.

Containers, containers!

Why not take ten minutes to save a hand?full of cash? Buy a couple gallon sized pitchers, perhaps at a yard sale or thrift store, or better yet reuse an empty milk jug for free. You could even use smaller bottles to fill up and store when you’re rushing to get out the door. If you are concerned about cleanliness, just get a bottle? brush and a little bleach to assure yourself.

Fruit drinks

There is a wide variety of mix ‘techniques,’ so to speak. Fruit flavored drink mixes can usually be found dirt cheap at a local dollar store. With just 10 packets for a dollar, 2/3 cup sugar for each packet plus water your flavored drink cravings could be satisfied for weeks. You could even use alternative sweeteners if you prefer sugar?free. If you’re more interested in fruit concentrate buy a couple cans for a few dollars, but make sure you know what you are buying. Some frozen cans might say ‘juice cocktail of ‘ade’ rather than the 100% juice concentrate.


On the lighter side, instant or fresh brewed tea is a great bargain. You can buy 100 tag?less tea bags for 99 cents, making an entire pitcher of iced tea cost less than a dime. Plus, for those who are geared toward healthy lifestyles, tea has an array of body benefiting agents. You can even put a few tea bags in a glass pitcher and leave it out in the sun all morning and let the heat of the sun brew your tea. Then throw in a few cubes of ice and place in the fridge. Also if you use a caffeinated tea you wont have to brew coffee in the morning. Just grab an already portioned out bottle of green tea and run out the door. Sometimes I even like to add a little sugar to taste.


If you are more interested in coffee, try instant or ground coffee rather than paying $3 for a cup at the cafe. Buy larger cans, even if you’re not a big drinker you can always keep it in the freezer. You can even make your own cream from whole evaporated milk or stir powdered milk right into your coffee for a lighter option.


Then there is a soda, a not so easy to do it yourself beverage. What you might want to remember though, is that national brands will always cost more and buying larger bottles is certainly more cost effective. If you are concerned that your soda will go flat before you finish fear not! Try this simple trick. Gently squeeze all the air out of the bottle until the soda level rises close to the top then screw the cap on tightly.

Of course there is nothing more quenching than the most natural source of fluid: water. Nutritionists continue to tell use we need eight cups each day. After a day sweating in the sun the best thing to replenish is simply water. Although other liquids might keep you cool make sure you still drink water. Some teas and mixed drinks can actually help dehydrate you.  For more information on mixing and brewing in your own home or just something to motivate your brewing action take a look at the life and work of Miss Maggie, an Appalachian homemaker living with her husband, children, and pets in the mountains of Virginia. Take a look at her website at frugalabundance.com.


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